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I'm Mimi

I am a User Experience Designer & Researcher with a deep passion for creating simple yet effective and elegant designs that appeal to all users.


Design Projects



Epitel Smart Watch

Epitel's Smart Watch utilizes bluetooth to connect to Epitel's at-home seizure detection devices. This allows patients to monitor brainwave activity and log seizures from home. All data is sent via the cloud to their doctor.

My Role

I was the Lead Designer for this project, and assisted with the development of the UI.

Main Goal

Assist patients with seizure tracking, and troubleshoot connection with bluetooth.

Restaurant Ordering App

Proprietary Restaurant Application built for large restaurant group to be used in all their locations. Streamlining the ordering process in restaurant, as well as online and providing information on cultural significance and preparation process

My Role

I was the Lead UX Designer and Brand Manager. This was a 60 day initial project.

Main Goal

Allow patrons to order food items with reduced server interaction during Covid-19.

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Mimi Detmers

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